A Personal Coach works with clients in almost any area including relationships and personal growth, business, career, finances, and health.

A coach will help you to make new goals, create more choices, take more action, make better decisions, and gain sight of all your natural abilities and strengths.

A personal coach will help you to create a goal plan, gain confidence, overcome obstacles and identify self limiting thinking or behaviours that may be keeping you from creating a happy fulfilling life.

How does Coaching differ from Counselling?

  • Counselling

    usually deals with past or present issues or traumas. A counsellor provides a safe confidential place to talk about problems. A Place where you will be listened to and valued. A Place where you can gain more insight and acceptance of your problems and life circumstances.

  • Coaching

    is a more directive approach. It is very solution focussed and is designed to help you to create a pathway to achieving whatever goals you want to achieve in your life.

Sometimes there is a need for an overlapping approach to therapy. So counselling and coaching can be used very effectively together to firstly help you to deal with problems rooted in the past and then start to create new choices and goals to help you move forward into the future.

I describe myself as a holistic coach. I take a mind, body, and spirit approach. My aim is to help you achieve goals in all areas of your life. The idea that a calm mind, and healthy body is integrative to helping you to achieve your best life. People come to me for all sorts of personal reasons, from Stress Management, Weight Loss, creating more confidence, improving their communication skills, setting work and personal goals.

I use NLP techniques in coaching people to find their best self.

Some of the NLP Techniques I incorporate into therapy are:

  • Hypnosis and Trance Work
  • Fast Phobia Technique
  • Timeline Therapy
  • The Swish Technique
  • Modelling