Weight Management Programs

Perhaps you have tried all the diet clubs and found you have lost the weight only to put it all back on as soon as you stop going?

NLP and Hypnotherapy uses a different method by helping you to train your brain to think differently around food. Most diet clubs concentrate on the food we eat and rely on counting syns, or points or calories. It keeps all your focus on food!

Hypnosis works in a different way. It looks at the underling triggers that cause overeating, such as emotional stress such as boredom or anxiety or perhaps old habits or patterns that our brain keeps playing out. It seeks to address comfort eating and habitual eating. It works on helping you to identify underlying triggers and addressing them in conjunction with regaining control over portion sizes and trance eating when we are not hungry. It helps to reset the full signal that we often ignore.

When working with clients I use a holistic approach, to help them to find mind body balance. I can help you to set powerful goals, understand why you overeat, help you to create new eating habits and address underlying reasons why you may find it difficult to lose weight. For Weight Loss I use a powerful combination of personal coaching and hypnosis to help you feel strong and in control around food. You will also find that a side affect of using hypnosis as a method of weight loss is that it promotes a wonderful state of positivity, relaxation and wellbeing.

Whether you a have a half stone to lose or a lot more, therapy will be tailor made to your need.

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